Quit Whining, Jags Fan

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Jacksonville Jaguars, sports
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Jaguar fans, take heart. It could be worse.

Not buying that, huh? Well, you’re wrong. Let me count the ways.

Be happy your team isn’t . . .

• Kansas City (27) has actually scored fewer points than your Jags (29) while giving up a league-leading 109 points to the Jaguars’ 62 . . .

• Kansas City, Miami, Indianapolis, Minnesota and St. Louis haven’t won yet.

• The Vikings are 0-3 even though they led every game by 10 or more points at halftime. They led the Lions – in Minneapolis, no less – by 20-0 at the half. Talk about frustrating.

• At least your 1-2 team wasn’t labeled “The Dream Team” before the season.

• Your rebuilt defense hasn’t allowed 96 points. St. Louis fans can’t say that.

• Your support of the Jags is better than the fans in Cincinnati and Tampa Bay are giving their teams.

• You’re not the only fans who want to run their coach out of town. Miami fans are screaming for Tony Sparano’s scalp. He’s the odds-on favorite to be the first head coach fired this season. (I realize that actually depresses many Jags fans.) Other coaches getting no more love than Jack Del Rio are the Bengals’ Marvin Lewis, the Chiefs’ Todd Haley (who won the AFC West title last season as a rookie head coach) and the Vikings’ Leslie Frasier.

• Your quarterback play has been comparable to what the Vikings are getting from one-time Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb.

• You could live in Memphis, San Antonio, Orlando, Columbus (Ohio), Portland and Birmingham, all cities full of people who’d give up their first-born for an NFL franchise. Remember how much you wanted an NFL team back in the 1980s? Remember how you celebrated in ’93 when our city was awarded a team? Remember how you said you’d never whine as long as you had a team for which to cheer? By the way, I didn’t list Los Angeles because research has shown most Los Angeles residents could care less about their city getting an NFL franchise.

I bring all of this up now because . . . well, because I don’t see it getting better for the Jaguars in the immediate future. The New Orleans Saints come to town this Sunday. This game has the look of a blowout although the oddsmakers only have the Saints has a 7-point favorite. Offensively, New Orleans is outscoring J-ville 34.7 points a game to 9.7 points. I know the Jaguars are allowing only 20.7 points a game compared with the Saints’ 29.3, but does anyone really believe the Jaguars are going to slow down Drew Brees? Me either. Saints win, 35-17.



My long-lost twin brother, Blabbermouth Lamm, has been found! For nearly 15 years, Blabbermouth was a weekly contributor to my “Lamm at Large” television show which first aired on TV12 in Jacksonville and then on the Sunshine Network (now Sun Network). Then, a decade ago, he simply disappeared. I thought he was dead.

Well, it turns out Blabbermouth has been living on a Caribbean Island (he won’t tell me which one) under an assumed name and working as a sports bookie.  He says he’s changed professions (?), but has offered to share his expertise with 1010XL.com readers who enjoy betting a few “matchsticks” with their buddies.

I don’t know why he picks the games he does or where he gets his information. He’s always been a mysterious guy…as well as the black sheep of the family.

Be watching for his picks every Friday.


  1. Robert Lewis says:

    Well Said, LAMM! I think the Jaguars will click on offense this week, will it be enough to win… Probably not, but I think with now two weeks of practice, it will click better now. The Saints don’t have a great Defense, so there in-lies my hope. Saints – 27 JAGS – 24 (MJD 14)

  2. Randy says:

    Where are blabbermouths picks???

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