The Jags are Sick…and I Ain’t Feelin’ So Good Myself

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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With my apologies to Yogi Berra who first said, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over”,  I ain’t feeling so good about the Jaguars.

The much-anticipated starting debut of rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert was a dud. Three times he failed to execute the simplest of NFL plays, the quarterback-center exchange. Yeah, I know it was raining hard, but this is the NFL.

Gabbert, of course, didn’t get much help. Left tackle Eugene Monroe is becoming a bit of an eyesore. Wide receivers continue to drop balls. And, yeah, the coaching staff looked like the Keystone Cops at the end of the 16-10 loss to Carolina as they mismanaged the clock.

I know 1-2 teams have bounced back and gone on to make the playoffs. Yeah, Gabbert showed a better arm than any Jaguar quarterback since the early years of Mark Brunell.

But, damn, yesterday left me feeling . . . well, not so good.

The coaches, players and management continue to say all the right things, things like how they trust each other and they have each other’s back. But some doubt has got to be creeping inside One Everbank Field Drive.

Coach Jack Del Rio has got to be accustomed to the heat by now, but has it ever been hotter? Yeah, maybe after last year’s embarrassing loss (38-13) at San Diego in Week 2; or the embarrassing home loss (30-3) to Tennessee, followed by the embarrassing loss (42-20) at Kansas City.

But then came to improbably victory at Dallas (35-17) and the back-to-back home victories. Of course, there were the three straight losses to end the season and that snatched the Jaguars from the playoffs.

See the pattern? Warm; then hot; then cold; then frozen; then another victory; then splat. The fan base has gone from dizzy to pissed off to dizzy – but, always it seems, down on their head coach. Owner Wayne Weaver, a man who believes and practices loyalty, has to be more conflicted than at any time since he fired his friend and coach, Tom Coughlin, in 2003.

The New Orleans Saints are coming to town. They are considered one of the top draws in the mega popular NFL. If the Jaguars lose again and the stadium has thousands of empty seats leading to a TV blackout, then . . . well, I’m just wondering here, you understand.

JDR is a survivor, if nothing else. I’ll bet he agrees with Yogi Berra: It ain’t over ‘til it’s over. Question is: Is it now over for JDR?

It is unless Gabbert becomes real good real fast.

  1. It was over for JDR as soon as he got rid of Garrard…PEACE.

  2. Christopher Mead says:

    The problem with JDR is his problems are the same year after year. Poor QB play to along with Poor WR play… I think that is what has most Jags fans so sick and PO’s its like ground-hog day every year with the Jags. Same boring offense! I think Gabert has the tools to be a decent NFL QB, lets just hope we get some coaches that can develop him

  3. They never pick playmakers; they always pick “good, solid football players.” Pick a damn athlete for once, why dontcha? PEACE.

  4. The Jaguars lack fight and fire in their belly. They lack a burning desire to not just win, but to totally defeat their opponents. Even when ahead, they lack a killer instinct. Whether Jack Del Rio and the coaching staff lack the skills to teach the players this or the players themselves lack a burning desire to be conquerers, is hard to say. However, if I were Jack Del Rio and the coaching staff, I might lose my job no matter what I’d do from here on out, but I would rip into these players, demand uniform hair, dress, and a 100 other discipline points that would get players attention. On the sideline Sundays, I’d be in the face of my players, if they failed to perform on any play. You can’t teach talent, but if this team is NOT worse than the first Jaguar team in Jacksonville, then every opponent should know they can’t let up, because this team will fight you to the bitter end. That first team did that, even when the fight in the team may have seemed laughable. If Jack Del Rio and his coaching staff can’t do that, then it is time for Jack to walk the plank. The team won’t get better by firing the coach, but a coach MUST have some pride and dignity; he MUST represent himself with integrity. Sad to say, it’s time for Jack Del Rio to take off the sunglasses, so the fire in his eyes can burn into his players. I believe Jack Del Rio has pride enough to say to his players, “No more Mr. Nice Guy.” If not, I feel sorry for Jack Del Rio. When he retired as a player, maybe he lost all of his own fire. It happens, but I doubt it. Time for Hollywood Jack Del Rio to go and Snarling Jack Del Rio to take over. From Wayne Weaver down to the useless punter, I’m tired of the “Jacksonville Wimps.” I want to see MEN on the field Sunday. Yeah, the Saints should win, but I want them to know they’ve been in a game; a fight for their life. All those opposed to that; get out of town! 🙂

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