Clobbering a Nobody Means Nothing

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles
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A Gator fan approached me this week and with such obvious conviction said, “I feel a lot better about my team now than I did before the season.” There’s no doubt in my mind that many, maybe most, Gator fans feel the same way.

Isn’t it incredible what slapping around a lightweight can do for a passionate fan base?

Florida dominated Florida Atlantic. If those same teams play 100 more times, Florida will be 100-0 even if the Gators play poorly.

What can fans learn when their team wins an obvious mismatch? Not much. Truth is these are everything-to-lose-nothing-to-gain games. To the credit of the Gators, they did exactly what they were supposed to do, win convincingly. Only if they had struggled in a specific area would we have gotten an insight as to what to expect for the remainder of the season.

This week is more of the same. The Gators will beat UAB.

Even in victory, Gators fans should be worried if Florida doesn’t dominate the lines of scrimmage; if the passing game isn’t efficient; if they struggle running the ball.

Week 3 will give Florida fans a realistic peek into the future. Florida is a better team than Tennessee, but the Vols are respectable. Its possible Florida could play its best football to date in week 3 and lose.

QB John Brantley easily had his best performance as a Gator. What impressed me the most about his play was his discipline? In other words, he didn’t try to force anything; he didn’t get greedy. Or as Coach Will Muschamp put it, Brantley took what FAU gave him, and that meant dumping the ball to his running backs on swing passes. The offensive and defensive lines were dominant as they should have been.

We still don’t know if Florida’s receivers can run precision routes and if Brantley can be on target going down field.

Florida State also won its opener easily, shutting out outmanned Louisiana-Monroe 34-0, but I doubt Seminole fans are more excited now than they were a week ago. The Noles struggled running the ball. If the Noles don’t run the ball better against good completion they can forget about being in the hunt for the ACC championship much less the national championship.

I warn FSU fans not to get to excited this week after the Noles run over, through and around Charleston Southern. This could be the biggest mismatch of all mismatches. FSU should dominate in every phase of the game. No excuses not to if the Noles have truly rejoined the elite status in college football.

We’ll have a better idea of that in week 3 when Oklahoma visits Tallahassee. Win that one and FSU fans should rejoice until dawn.

Quik pix: Georgia upsets visiting South Carolina by 6; Mississippi State wins by 7 at Auburn and it shouldn’t be considered an upset; Alabama hammers hosts Penn State by 21; Michigan lights up Notre Dame by 10; visiting Stanford ties Duke in debate competition but wins by 40 in football. Last week: 3-2.


  1. producewiz says:

    My favorite sports announcer of all time,the reason I’m excited is because they finally looked like they knew what they were doing.Last year, so much going on in the backfield,nobody knew what to do and where to go. Remember the 1st home against another lousy opponent?6 high snaps, fumbles,interceptions,etc.sure they are going to lose 4 or 5,but I think the foundation is set for future.

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