I Think It’s Spelled P-o-s-B-U-S-T-n-y

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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Jaguars fans who want something to whine about should consider turning their attention away from the quarterback competition and focus on middle linebacker Paul Posluszny .

Is Posluszny a significant upgrade from Kirk Morrison? Is he an upgrade, period?

I’m not suggesting we put Posluszny in the same group with the Jaguars’ free agent Hall of Shame busts: Bryce Paul in ’98; Hugh Douglas in ’03; Jerry Porter in ’08. But early returns on Posluszny’s play should make Jaguars fans, not to mention Coach Jack Del Rio and company, more than a little concerned. The Jaguars handed the former Buffalo Bills player $18 million as part of a six-year, $45 million contract. Morrison was handed a pink slip. He was a fundamentally sound tackling machine who lacked speed and coverage skills. Thus far in exhibition play, Posluszny looks a lot like the player a Buffalo columnist described as someone “who couldn’t cover a cockroach”. New England tight end Aaron Hernandez torched him twice. Last Saturday at Buffalo, Bills running back Fred Jackson beat him on a 30-yard pass play.

Posluszny is playing like a more expensive – much more – version of Morrison.

Yes, I know it’s just practice. The outcome of games doesn’t mean anything. What is important is what coaches see when they break down tape and look at individual play. Is the offensive lineman keeping his feet underneath his body? Is the defensive tackle keeping his pads low? Is the wide receiver getting off the line quickly and running precision routes? Is the quarterback making the correct reads? Is the safety reading the plays quick enough?

There are things, of course, that are obvious to the naked eye. Is the receiver catching the ball? Is the quarterback making accurate throws? Are the coverage guys covering anyone?

Obviously it is much too early to make any cast-in-stone decisions, but the Jaguars’ big spending spree to improve their defense isn’t looking good. Linebacker Clint Session has missed two games because of concussion-like symptoms. Free safety Dawan Landry was a strong safety in Baltimore and has looked lost in coverage on several occasions. And Posluszny has been torched.

Football is, of course, the ultimate team game. When defensive ends Aaron Kampman and Jeremy Mincey and defensive tackle Tyson Alualu get back on the field, then perhaps everything will start to click for the Jaguars defense. When Landry gets in tune with the rest of the secondary, then perhaps the skills he displayed in Baltimore will be obvious.

Until then, it should be haunting for Jaguars fans to see the ghost of Paup playing out of position . . Douglas and Porter literally going through the motions . . . Drayton Florence and Brian Williams looking more like backup corners than highly paid starters . . . and Morrison now wearing No. 51.


  1. I think your opinion is very premature. You opinion would carry more weight if it was presented after the 4th or 5th week of the season. Right now it does not carry much credibility. Just my opinion!

  2. This is ridiculous, I know your just trying to get people going, but i just lost any will to ever read these again.

  3. Adam says:

    I consider this to be spot on! why can’t jacksonville get any super stars? MJD isn’t enough

  4. Aaron Witt says:

    Jacksonville has yet to find a middle linebacker who could adequately cover a tight end in the teams history. Dave’s assessment may be early, but Posluzny’s pass coverage does look suspect at best. Hopefully, he will get it together.

  5. Doug says:

    Lamm so far I see a run stuffing middle linebacker getting adjusted to a new system. Name one middle linebacker that can run with a halfback in coverage. Thats why they have routes like that to create a mismatch. He will probably always be a liability in the pass. Most mlb are. Now if he contiues to make tackles five yards past the line of scrimmage, then i’ll say bust.

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