As a columnist I’m going to tell you what I think. It will be opinion. Plain and simple. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t look at both sides. In fact, I try to look at both sides of every issue, weigh them, search my soul, use my experience of  reporting and/or commentating for more than 50 years, and then I’ll tell you what I think.

Coach "I'm-Better-Than-You" MeyerI’m known for often taking the unpopular side. I can tell you I have no hidden agendas, no closet loyalties, etc. If I do have an agenda or loyalty, I’ll tell you up front. That’s a promise. I also take pride in not holding grudges. For example,I’ve made it clear I didn’t like ex-Gator football coach Urban Meyer because I thought he was arrogant and treated people (not just the media) with little respect. But I always appreciated his coaching skill. He was (is?) a great coach. His record screams that fact. I have no trouble separating the two.

I make no secret that I love pro baseball and golf. I love college basketball. I appreciate the love my audience has for football, pro and college, and know that is the No. 1 sport anyone in my position in this part of the world should write and talk about the most. I want the Gators and Seminoles to win because much of my audiences pulls for those teams. Ditto for the Jaguars. That doesn’t mean, however, I’ll ever be a shill for those schools/teams.

I always think local columnists should concentrate on local issues. Sure, I’m not going to ignore national issues, but I know you have numerous sources for national issues. I’ll make certain I stay on top of what is happening locally. That covers the Gators, Seminoles and Jaguars, but also JU, UNF, area high schools, area golf, the Suns and area athletes who shine or do bad things.

I love to talk and write, but (my wife doesn’t buy this) I’m also I good listener. People have wonderful stories to tell. People have strong opinions and I love to hear them. It has been more than a quarter of a century since I was a newspaper columnist, but I still think I have my fastball. (You’ll discover I don’t lack confidence or have self-esteem issues.)

I’m excited about my new venture as a “print” columnist, which, of course, isn’t new at all. It has simple been on the shelf for the last 25 years while I mostly ran my mouth instead of banging on typewriter keys. Okay, I know, they’re now computer keys. Learning the computer is more difficult than writing has ever been.

  1. Franklin Carpenter says:

    David, Happy to know I can still get your opinion on what is happening in the sports world. You are the best interviewer around and I miss your interviews. Hope to hear your interviews again.

  2. Wyman Stewart says:

    So, this is where they’re hiding you, for now.

    Hope you dozed off during the first half of the NCAA Championship game and didn’t wake up until it was over. My worst fears were realized, although I thought the best team won. Enough bricks were tossed up to build a brick house.

    Don’t you think one or two more Finals in a row, like that one, may kill the NCAA goose that layed the NCAA golden egg? (Missed not hearing your Monday take on the Final and will miss not hearing your post-game thoughts.)


    Looks great.

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